Simple & Secure for Any Size Patient:
De Mayo Hip Positioner®

Securely position any patient precisely how you want them quickly and easily. The De Mayo Hip Positioner® was designed by an orthopedic surgeon to overcome the limits of other devices. By building the positioner around the patient, you reduce lifting, repositioning and strain on staff. The collection of stabilizing bars and support pads gives you the right option for any patient body type – even your most challenging obese patients.

You get unobstructed access to the surgical site without undue patient strain. Latex free single-use pads protect patients and eliminate cross-contamination danger. This complete system saves time and lowers risk for every hip procedure.



Universal Lateral Positioner

Universal Lateral Positioner®

Options for any body

The IMP Universal Lateral Positioner® employs a versatile system of plates, arms, swivels and pads to maximize your positioning options. The Gold Standard for Lateral Positioning has a complete choice of options to meet any patient need. Plus it fits into a convenient hard case for easy storage and transportation.

MorphBoard Positioning System

MorphBoard® Positioning System

Positioning any patient is fast and easy

The MorphBoard® pegboard system is the most stable patient positioning pegboard available for lateral decubitus positions. Modular components allow simple conversion for obese patient support on any O.R. table and multiple peg lengths provide a versatile, secure fit. Foam pads and sleeves protect from cross-contamination.

Abduction Pillows


Improve comfort

SlimLine Hip Abduction Pillows improve patient comfort and simplify post-hip-surgery care. The proprietary convoluted foam structure is more comfortable and flexible for patients. Large straps secure easily and hold legs safely in place. One size fits most patients, lowering inventory costs.

De Mayo Expand-A-Peg Locking Peg

De Mayo Expand-A Peg® Locking Peg

Position, insert and lock for safety

De Mayo Expand-A-Peg® Locking Peg system delivers a new level of pegboard-positioning safety. The locking mechanism prevents loosening and motion to keep a patient securely in place. Pegs lock with a simple twist. The pegs are compatible with IMP’s MorphBoard® and other surgical pegboards.

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